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Understanding how to write papers and proposals that are read is important. We write papers for a variety of reasons and in various formats. Document writing is a skill you can use continuously to report on a product survey, inventory, feasibility studies, or anything else. Having a method for preparing these documents would allow you to complete the task as quickly as possible. This workshop will draw on a strong foundation of writing skills to help participants present knowledge in formal, informal, and proposal formats.


It's important to know how to write papers and ideas that are read. Papers are written for a variety of purposes and in a variety of formats. Document writing is an important skill you can repeatedly use to report on a product survey, inventory, feasibility reports, or something else.


Participants will complete the job more efficiently if you have a system for planning these papers. This workshop will build on participants' strong writing foundations to help them present their expertise in formal, informal, and proposal styles.


Before attending this workshop, we recommended that participants first complete our Business Writing That Works workshop.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

Writing Reports and Proposals

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Prepare reports and recommendations that educate, persuade, and inform.

  • Examine your work for clarity, conciseness, completeness, and accuracy.

  • Use these skills in real-world situations.

Workshop Topics

  • The Report Writing Process

  • Investigating

  • Planning

  • Writing

  • Revising

  • Making Use of Headings

  • Graphs and charts

  • The Proposition

  • Persuasion

  • Practical Application

  • Crediting others


Workshop Outline


During this session, time will be spent getting to know the participants and explaining the workshop's content. Participants would also be able to determine their own learning goals.

The Report Writing Process

The four phases of report writing will be covered in this session: investigating, preparing, writing, and revising.


Gathering information for your study is the first move. This session will provide participants with some instructions for ensuring that the information they collect is correct.


Participants would then learn how to prepare a report using the data collected in the first step.


Participants will learn how to write in a simple, succinct, complete, and correct manner.


Participants will understand the importance of revision, particularly spelling and grammar checks, in this session.

Making Use of Headings

Participants will learn how to organize a document.

Graphs and charts

The participants will then learn how to use charts and graphs in their study properly.

The Proposition

Participants will learn how to distinguish between writing a plan and writing a report during this class. Participants will also go over the ten steps to writing a winning plan.


This session will cover report finishing touches, such as steps in the persuasive process, how to craft your message, and how to deal with complex questions.

Practical Application

Participants will peer edit one another's work to summarise what they've learned.

Crediting others

The methods and forms of reporting will be the subject of the final session.

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