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Project Planning: All You Need to Know

Project management has traditionally been considered something only worth doing if you're handling massive projects worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Still, in today's world, it is equally useful for small projects as well. Work, project planning documents and work, and resource breakdown structures are extremely relevant for any project in any budget or deadline. This workshop will help people get introduced to the world of project management.


This workshop will involve participants gaining familiarity with the most frequently used project management planning tools and a case study project that will start from the statement of work, advance through work and resource breakdown, and scheduling before eventually concluding with a project planning worksheet.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

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Workshop Outline

The Fundamentals of Project Management

This session will start by exploring the Project Life Cycle, which applies to most projects of any size. The designation of project manager shall also be explored in this session, including the skills needed by a project manager.

Starting Project Planning

Participants shall be taught how to develop a Project Charter and a Statement of Work using a case study related to a commercial vegetable garden.

The Work Breakdown Structure

In this session, participants shall be taught about the Work Breakdown Structures(WBS). They will also be required to use the previous case study of a commercial vegetable garden Statement of Work for building a Work Breakdown Structure of the necessary tasks of this project.

Building a Schedule

The basics of scheduling will be explored in this session concerning the commercial vegetable garden project introduced in previous sessions.

Resource Breakdown Structure

Resource Breakdown Structures will be explored in this session as participants will learn to construct RBS for the commercial vegetable garden project.

Project Planning Worksheet

The last session will involve participants using their knowledge to create a full project planning worksheet.

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Discover what a project is

  • Discover the difference between a Project Charter and a Statement of Work

  • Using an SOW to begin project planning

  • How to create Work Breakdown Structures to determine which tasks must be completed.

  • How to create a project schedule based on tasks and resources.

  • How to build a Resource Breakdown Structure to determine what resources are needed for projects

  • Complete a Project Planning Worksheet to practice the steps for project management.

Workshop Topics

  • The Fundamentals of Project Management

  • Starting Project Planning

  • The Work Breakdown Structure

  • Building a Schedule

  • Resource Breakdown Structure

  • Project Planning Worksheet


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