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Motivating Your Workforce

Employees that feel valued and appreciated for their work are more driven, accountable, and productive. It's no secret. This one-day session will assist supervisors and managers in creating a workplace that is more vibrant, loyal, and energized. It was created specifically to assist busy managers and supervisors in understanding what their employees want and provide a starting point for developing champions.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day


Workshop Objectives 

  • Determine what motivates you.

  • Describe the most prevalent motivational theories and how to put them into practice.

  • Learn when and how to employ various types of motivators.

  • Create a motivating environment.

  • Create a career that motivates you.

Workshop Topics

  • Defining Motivation

  • Motivating and Supervising

  • Theories of Motivation

  • Setting Objectives

  • The Importance of Values

  • Putting Your Skills to Work

  • Creating a Motivating Work Environment

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Workshop Outline

Defining Motivation

In this session,  participants will discover the meaning of motivation.

Motivating and Supervising

In this session, participants will discover the correlation between motivating employees and supervising.

Theories of Motivation

Participants will learn about Maslow's and Herzberg's theories of motivation in this session.

Setting Objectives

This session will discuss the importance of setting goals as it is a crucial aspect of motivation.

The Importance of Values

Participants will determine their values throughout this session, which will assist them in knowing their motivators.

Putting Your Skills to Work

Participants will work on many motivational case studies throughout this session.

Creating a Motivating Work Environment

This session will examine how to create (or re-create) motivating jobs. We'll also go through the ten techniques that can be applied daily to motivate employees.

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