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Leading Focus Groups

A focus group is a gathering of people who have been chosen based on a set of criteria. They're all interviewed at the same time to talk about a specific topic. Employees from various parts of the company, for example, could be gathered to assess the effectiveness of a new appraisal system. Focus groups are named for the fact that they concentrate on a single issue or topic.


The objective of this workshop is to assist people in conducting effective focus groups. It's designed for individuals who don't have to lead focus groups regularly and have little or no experience doing so. For example, an internal consultant may conduct a focus group to examine a new scheme. A member of the Human Resources department may seek feedback on the assessment system from a group of employees. People in charge of projects frequently employ focus groups, and this training session would be beneficial to them.


The three phases of productive focus groups will be discussed, as well as the critical steps to take at each phase:

  • Phase 1 – Preparation and planning

  • Phase 2 – Running the focus group

  • Phase 3 – Follow up action


Participants will be encouraged to go over specific skills that are pertinent to each of these phases.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 4 Hours

Workshop Objectives 

Understand the concept and purpose of focus groups

Learn three phases that all successful focus groups go through

Understand the importance of developing effective and structured questions

Gain knowledge on counter-productive questions

Learn to run focus groups so that they achieve their objectives

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