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Influence And Persuasion

When we speak about persuasion and influence, we often refer to marketing and sales. We do, however, exert control in a variety of forms and regularly. You should need to persuade your manager if you want a raise. There is always influence when you want to persuade your team to accept a move, assist your employees in making decisions, or pick the best lunch spot. This workshop will teach learners how to convince and persuade others in several situations.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Choose whether to use persuasion.

  • When influencing others, use the principles of pushing and pulling.

  • Use a variety of methods to start persuasive discussions and presentations.

  • Use the 5 S's to create a persuasive presentation.

  • To increase your power, use storytelling techniques.

  • Use neurolinguistic programming principles in daily influence and persuasion.

Workshop Topics

  • Understanding persuasion

  • Preparing To Persuade

  • Getting off to a good start

  • Presentation Strategies

  • Using Stories to Persuade

  • Using techniques from neurolinguistic programming (NLP)


Workshop Outline


During this session, time will be spent getting to know the participants and explaining the workshop's content. Participants would also be able to determine their own learning goals.

Understanding Persuasion

Participants would then examine the distinctions between persuasion and influence. They'll even go over the pre-assignment answers.

Preparing To Persuade

Following that, participants can learn how to tailor their persuasion strategy. Pushing versus pulling, speaking with purpose, organizing the discussion, and suspending their frame of reference are some of the topics covered.

Getting Off to A Good Start

Participants will learn certain strategies for speaking persuasively (such as establishing rapport, matching, mirroring, pacing, and guiding) in this session.

Presentation Strategies

This session will provide participants with a structure for creating a convincing presentation of any length. They will also have the chance to discover persuasion speaking.

Using Stories to Persuade

This session will teach participants how to take advantage of humanity's social nature and appreciation of stories. They'll even get a chance to practice reading stories.

Using techniques from neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

Participants will learn about neuro-linguistic programming in the final section of this workshop. They'll still get the chance to see if it will help them develop their influencing skills.

Wrap-Up of the Workshop

Participants will have time to ask their training questions and complete an action plan at the end of the workshop.

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