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Giving Effective Feedback

As humans, we have a strong need for feedback. Feedback helps us improve in various workplace areas, including employee performance, leadership and/or management, and supervision.  This one-day workshop is designed to teach workplace leaders how to provide feedback at any time when it is needed.  There are ways to organize feedback to be meaningful and long-lasting, whether formal or informal, and whether it is provided to staff, colleagues, or anyone else.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Understand why feedback is so important.

  • Use a framework to give formal or informal input.

  • When giving input, use descriptive words.

  • Identify six features of good reviews.

  • Give feedback in real-world scenarios.

Workshop Topics

  • Definitions

  • Speaking Clearly

  • Communication Strategies

  • Efficient Feedback Characteristics

  • Receiving Feedback Graciously

  • Putting it to the Test


Workshop Outline


The first half of the day will be spent getting to know the participants and explaining what will happen during the session. Participants would also be able to determine their own learning goals.


To begin, participants will be introduced to some keywords related to feedback. They'll also look at some scenarios in which various types of feedback are needed.

Speaking Clearly

You want to ensure that people are understanding what you're doing while you're giving input. This session will assist participants in ensuring that their vocabulary is coherent and easy to understand. Techniques for remaining neutral will be addressed as well.

Communication Strategies

This section will educate participants on developing communication skills critical for providing effective feedback, such as questioning strategies, probing tools, and managing nonverbal signals.

Efficient Feedback Characteristics

The six characteristics of positive feedback would then be discussed with the participants. We'll also go through a system for formal and informal input exchanges. The participants would then apply their new skills to a case study as well as personal examples.

Receiving Feedback Graciously

Giving feedback is often easier than getting it! This session will teach participants how to give and receive input graciously.

Putting it to the Test

The workshop's final session will provide learners with hands-on experience providing and receiving input.

Workshop Wrap-Up

Participants will have time to ask their training questions and complete an action plan at the end of the workshop.

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