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Employee Accountability

TIME magazine published an article on March 11, 2010, that claimed to explain "why we have reached the post-trust era." Certainly, it seems that we are living in an age where people behave badly and then accept no responsibility for their acts. Whom can we hold responsible for the global economic crisis, religious difficulties, political consequences, or the environment in general? More towards the point, why do we spend a lot of time and effort trying to find someone (typically someone other than ourselves) to blame?


It's no surprise, then, that organizations that encourage responsibility are more effective and productive. Participants will discover what responsibility is, promote it in an organization,  and become more responsible to themselves and others in this one-day workshop.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

What's included in our workshops?

  • We ensure our workshops are facilitated by top-quality trainers. 

  • We guarantee that all workshop class sizes are small and interactive.

  • We provide all workshop material.


All  Workshops will be held live online via Zoom. Click here to view our current scheduled workshops.  


Workshop Objectives 

  • Understand what responsibility is and how historical events have impacted our perceptions of it.

  • Determine what constitutes personal and organizational accountability.

  • Apply the accountability cycle and the essential ingredients needed to create a responsible organization.

  • Describe the steps that people must take to become accountable.

  • Develop accountability skills such as goal-setting, offering and receiving feedback, and delegation.

  • Identify approaches to increase ownership in your company.

  • Make a list of areas where you can improve.

Workshop Topics

  • Identifying and Defining Accountability

  • Creating a Transparent Organization

  • Setting Expectations and Goals

  • Doing Delegation Right

  • Constructive Feedback

  • A Manager's Toolkit

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Workshop Outline

Identifying and Defining Accountability

In this session, participants will gain an understanding of the definition of accountability. Then they'll look at how history has influenced the modern drive for social accountability.

Creating a Transparent Organization

The accountability cycle, the basic units of accountability, and how participants may begin to be more accountable will all be covered in this session.

Setting Expectations and Goals

People must know what they will be held accountable for before they can be held accountable! This session will look at two approaches: setting goals with staff and communicating expectations systematically.

Doing Delegation Right

Delegation done right delegation is critical for an organization's accountability. This session will teach participants how to delegate effectively.

Constructive Feedback

Participants will then learn how to provide constructive feedback.

A Manager's Toolkit

Participants will explore areas for further learning at the end of the session.

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