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Today's corporate environment is characterized by constant change. Our workforce is always shifting - employees leave the organization or move into different responsibilities. Succession planning may help you make the most of that transition by ensuring that there is someone competent to take their place when someone departs.


Succession planning, when done right, offers a mechanism to guarantee that your organization has the talent it needs to keep going ahead. It may also assist you in developing your present personnel and preparing them for future positions.


This one-day training will teach participants the fundamentals of developing and implementing a succession plan. Participants will learn how to identify critical roles in their firm that need to be staffed, evaluate the talent they have on hand, and develop a succession plan. By the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to put together a succession plan that will help their company prosper.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Business Succession Planning:
Developing and Maintaining a Succession Plan

Workshop Duration: 1 day

What's included in our workshops?

  • We ensure our workshops have top-quality trainers for each workshop.

  • We guarantee that all workshop class sizes are small and interactive.

  • We provide all workshop material.

All VILT Workshops will be held live online via Zoom. Workshops will be held live online until further notice. Click here to view our current scheduled workshops. Group workshops are available upon request.


Workshop Objectives 

  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the critical role succession planning plays in the success of an organization.

  • Demonstrate proficiency with the critical components of a succession strategy.

  • Construct and examine various components of a succession plan.

  • Examine the succession plan's components to include roles, responsibilities, purpose, scope, and assessment.

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