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The modern world is a very unpredictable one, with natural and artificial disasters being a common occurrence. Take the COVID-19 pandemic as a perfect example. Sometimes these problems can reach an extreme extent, but many businesses have no choice but to continue working.


This workshop will guide participants on how these organizations maintain themselves during such times of crisis. Participants will learn about every technique employed for maintaining stability in an organization during times of crisis.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

Developing a High-Reliability Organization

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Learn what a high-reliability organization is.

  • Discover the main concepts for high reliability, such as mindfulness and expectations

  • Understand the five principles that govern high-reliability organizations, preoccupations with failure, simplification resistance, operational sensitivity, resilience, and deference to expert opinion.

  • Discover audit activities for assessment of business reliability.

Workshop Topics

  • High-Reliability Organization

  • Major Concepts

  • Anticipation Principles

  • Containment Principles

  • Auditing for Reliability


Workshop Outline

High-Reliability Organization

This session will inform participants about the nature of the high-reliability organization and the main features. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster will also be examined.

Major concepts

Participants will be educated on the nature of a high-reliability organization and the fundamental concepts related to this notion at this session. All of these concepts will be discussed in great depth, and their importance will be elaborated upon. A case study will also be included.

Anticipation Principles

The five principles mentioned above of high-reliability organizations shall be divided into different components, focusing on managing unexpected events. These principles will include preoccupation with failure, simplification resistance, operational sensitivity, and they will be applied to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Containment Principles

Containment principles proceed from anticipation principles, and they provide information on how organizations can mitigate disasters and unexpected events through resilience and dedication. The Deepwater Horizon case is also referenced here once again.

Auditing for Reliability

This session will prepare participants for different kinds of audits through the use of sample questions and exercises. A case study will also be provided to participants to assist with their understanding.

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