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In both our personal and professional life, creative thinking and innovation are essential. Many people, however, believe they are deficient in originality. Most of us aren't aware that we are creative regularly, whether choosing what to wear in the morning or working within a limited budget. While these chores aren't typically linked with creativity, they require a lot of it to complete. While some people appear to be overflowing with ideas, others find it difficult to think outside the box. If you find it difficult to think outside the box, you should know that improving your creative and innovative abilities takes time and effort. It takes time to recognize and develop your creative potential. That is the focus of this two-day session.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 2 day

Creative Thinking and Innovation


Workshop Objectives 

  • Distinguish between the terms "creativity" and "innovation."

  • Recognize their creativity and create a creative environment for themselves.

  • Explain the value of creativity and innovation in the workplace.

  • Use problem-solving techniques and tools.

  • To help produce creative ideas, use individual and group strategies.

  • Put innovative ideas into action

Workshop Topics

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Individual Creativity

  • Get Creative

  • Cultivating the Right Environment for Creativity

  • Creativity and Innovation in Business

  • Creativity and Problem-Solving Process

  • Defining the Problem

  • Techniques of Innovation

  • Inspiring Creativity in a Group

  • Putting Everything Together

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Workshop Outline

Creativity and Innovation

Participants will begin by defining creativity and innovation. They'll also look into their creative abilities.

Individual Creativity

Participants will learn how to boost their creativity in this session.

Get Creative

After reviewing their pre-assignment, participants will reflect on their own creative and innovative qualities.

Cultivating the Right Environment for Creativity

Participants will gain some techniques for creating their creative atmosphere during this session.

Creativity and Innovation in Business

This session will demonstrate how creativity and innovation can lead to measurable business outcomes.

Creativity and Problem-Solving Process

Participants will be introduced to a creative problem-solving model.

Defining the Problem

Participants will discover how to identify a problem in this session, which is an important first step before issue resolution.

Techniques of Innovation

The workshop's second day will start with an in-depth look at several creative thinking strategies. The RAP model, shoe swapping, mind mapping, metaphors and analogies, situation/solution reversal, and using things to inspire ideas are among the topics covered.

Inspiring Creativity in a Group

In this session, participants will learn collaborative creativity techniques such as brainstorming, roleplaying, brainwriting, the stepladder approach, and slip writing.

Putting Everything Together

Participants will practice their new skills and techniques with case studies.

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