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Conversational Leadership

When effective leaders can tap into the knowledge, experience, and creativity found in their workplace, they can create a powerful opportunity. Conversational leadership creates the environment and infrastructure for information sharing, involving staff, stakeholders, and the community in discussions about large, critical issues and generating ideas that people can implement.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

What's included in our workshops?

  • We ensure our workshops are facilitated by top-quality trainers. 

  • We guarantee that all workshop class sizes are small and interactive.

  • We provide all workshop material.


All  Workshops will be held live online via Zoom. Click here to view our current scheduled workshops.  

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Concerning the wisdom of promoting communicative leadership

  • How to put the four I's of conversational leadership into words.

  • How to maximize outcomes by using conversational leadership concepts

  • As an example of communicative leadership, how to put together a basic World Café.

Workshop Topics

  • What Is Conversational Leadership?

  • The Basic Elements

  • Organizational Conversation: The Four-I Model

  • The Framework for Conversational Leadership

  • World Café


Workshop Outline


During this session, time will be spent getting to know the participants and explaining the workshop's content. Participants would also be able to determine their own learning goals.

What Is Conversational Leadership

Participants will study their pre-assignment and understand what conversational leadership entails to begin the workshop.

The Basic Elements

Designing constructive interactions and personal skill-building are among the topics covered in this session.

Organizational Conversation: The Four-I Model

The Four-I model will then be explained to participants: intimacy, interactivity, inclusion, and intentionality. Trust and common language will also be addressed.

The Framework for Conversational Leadership

Participants will learn about Hurley and Brown's conversational leadership process in this session. Appreciative inquiry's position in conversational leadership will be addressed as well.

World Café

The workshop concludes with a detailed examination of the design of a World Café.

Wrap-Up of the Workshop

Participants will have time to ask their training questions and complete an action plan at the end of the workshop.

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