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Positive influence sources are often role models, coaches, mentors, and guides, among other descriptive terms. Coaching is, without a doubt, one of the most effective methods for someone to get constructive impact from others. It is founded on mutually beneficial cooperation between individuals, and it includes offering assistance to employees. Mentorship is a closely linked ability that is frequently regarded as a component of coaching. It is concerned with offering direction, knowledge, and advice to individuals who need such assistance.

When you can provide coaching to others, you are successfully assisting them in acquiring new abilities, developing new views, and developing their personal growth. Implementing this approach is critical for any firm that wishes to retain its finest employees while also continuing to prosper. It is also an excellent approach to establishing relationships with other business members while simultaneously developing your leadership abilities.


In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of coaching and mentoring and how to put them into practice in their own lives.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

Coaching and Mentoring

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Consider how coaching may be used to improve your team.

  • Establish coaching and mentoring abilities that will assist in enhancing individual performance.

  • Display the actions and behaviors of an excellent coach.

  • Recognize staff' talents and provide them with the necessary feedback for success.

  • Determine staff issues and how you may assist in their resolution.

Workshop Topics

  • The Definition of Coaching and Mentoring

  • Coaching Assessment Reviews

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Using SPIRIT to Set Goals

  • Different Learning Styles and Principles

  • The Benefit and Consequence Matrix

  • Skills Used in Coaching

  • The Coaching Model

  • Giving Effective Feedback

  • The Most Common Coaching Problems and Solutions


Workshop Outline

The Definition of Coaching and Mentoring

The very first part of this workshop will involve participants learning about the nuance between coaching and mentoring. Participants will also be taught to appreciate the coaching formula.

Coaching Assessment Reviews

Participants will review their pre-assignments and identify areas of growth.

Understanding the Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of coaching. During this session, participants will be familiarized with different communication styles, skills, and question techniques, and listening abilities.

Critical Thinking Skills

The following session will involve participants being taught the most important coaching skills in small interactive groups that will include teaching and challenging skills.

Using SPIRIT to Set Goals

Participants shall be taught the SPIRIT model for goal setting and identifying how to help people with consistency.

Different Learning Styles and Principles

Everyone learns differently, and the purpose of this session is to teach some of the ways that people learn to incorporate that knowledge into their understanding of coaching. This session will include the seven principles of adult learning.

The Benefit and Consequence Matrix

This session shall consist of teaching participants about using a very useful tool for examining and critiquing change from employees.

Skills Used in Coaching

Participants shall divide into small groups to complete various exercises for familiarizing themselves with key coaching abilities.

The Coaching Model

Participants shall be taught the 4-stage coaching model to assist them in any coaching situation.

Giving Effective Feedback

Participants will be familiarized with the six qualities of effective feedback giving.

The Most Common Coaching Problems and Solutions

Participants will conclude the day by learning about the most common coaching problems and their respective solutions.

What's included in our workshops?

  • We ensure our workshops are facilitated by top-quality trainers. 

  • We guarantee that all workshop class sizes are small and interactive.

  • We provide all workshop material.


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