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When it comes to employing new staff, businesses must be more cautious than ever before. The cost of a bad hire may be both time and money for a business, so it's critical to ensure that you're employing the correct individual for the position. Techniques such as behavioral interviewing may be incredibly beneficial for recruiting the most qualified candidates. It is possible to acquire useful insight into a candidate's genuine skills and prospective fit for your business by asking questions that evoke specific prior behavior examples. In the right circumstances, behavioral interview methods may assist you in identifying individuals who are likely to be successful in your business.

In this workshop,  we'll go through some steps you can take to ensure that you're recruiting the correct individual for the position. Participants will learn how to draft a job advertisement that will draw in qualified people, how to conduct a successful interview and the benefits of using references to their advantage in this training. By the end of this workshop, participants will better grasp how to recruit the most qualified candidate for the position.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 2 days

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques for Successful Hiring

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Identify the expenses incurred by a company due to making a poor hiring selection.

  • Establish a reasonable and fair interviewing procedure to hire new staff.

  • Create more effective job adverts and promote them in a range of marketplaces.

  • Possess the ability to do a job analysis and create a position profile

  • Conduct interviews using conventional, behavioral, accomplishment, comprehensive, and situational (critical event) questions.

  • Improve communication skills, which are critical for a successful recruiter.

  • Conduct effective interviews with challenging candidates.

  • Successfully verified references.

  • Recognize the fundamental employment and human rights legislation that apply to the recruiting process.


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