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Advanced Writing Skills

This is a one-day advanced writing workshop intended for intermediate to experienced writers who wish to expand their writing abilities to higher levels. Our workshop will primarily focus on writing persuasive and informal contexts such as letters of recommendation. We will also provide knowledge on the basics of online writing as a contemporary phenomenon.


It is strongly advised that participants complete our Business Writing That Works workshop before registering for this workshop.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

What's included in our workshops?

  • We ensure our workshops are facilitated by top-quality trainers. 

  • We guarantee that all workshop class sizes are small and interactive.

  • We provide all workshop material.


All  Workshops will be held live online via Zoom. Click here to view our current scheduled workshops.  

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Workshop Objectives 

  • Write clearly, concisely, completely, and correctly.

  • Improve sentence design and paragraph structure.

  • Respond to business writing specifications.

  • Properly attribute sources in your writing.

Workshop Topics

  • Contemporary Digital Business Communication

  • The 4 Cs of Writing

  • Handling Specific Requirements

  • The Dynamics of Effective Writing

  • Appropriate Editing

  • Drafting Business Documentation


Workshop Outline

Contemporary Digital Business Communication

The focus of this session shall be on social media and the appropriate use of citations in documents.

The 4 Cs of Writing

The 4 Cs of Writing are clarity, conciseness, completeness, and correctness. This session shall address each of these individually. 

Handling Specific Requirements

Writers are often required to write highly specific material such as letters of recommendation according to a certain format. This session is intended to help assist in handling such specific types of writing.

The Dynamics of Effective Writing

Effective writing involves having paragraphs of appropriate length, order, and content. This session shall assist in understanding this.

Appropriate Editing

Participants will be required to apply the knowledge they've obtained from this course regarding their writing.

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