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10-Minute Presentations

Whether in person or through the video interface, a presentation is still the most efficient way to establish business relationships and partnerships that will help your company survive and prosper. Participants will learn how to create and polish an exciting, professional presentation that communicates their objective and call to action quickly and effectively in 10-Minute Presentations in this workshop. This will increase the influence, conversions, and effectiveness of your campaign and/or project.

This workshop is offered to groups of 5 or more.

Workshop Duration: 1 day

Open Space Office

Workshop Objectives 

  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of a strong presentation.

  • Select outlets that will help them disseminate their message and expand their scope.

  • Plan out the presentation's objectives and deadlines.

  • From the outline to the final draft,  create an entertaining narrative.

  • How to polish and edit a presentation.

  • Provide and receive criticism through peer evaluations.

  • Prepare for upcoming presentations by developing best practices.

Workshop Topics

  • Presentation Wish List

  • Selecting the Best Platform

  • Outlines and benchmarks

  • Creating an outline for your presentation

  • Making improvements to the presentation

  • Make a strategy for success


Workshop Outline


The first session will be an introduction section that goes over the workshop organization, getting to know the participants, and explaining what will happen. Participants would also be able to determine their own learning goals.

Presentation Wish List

In this session, participants will examine the presentation process from both the presenter's and the audience's perspectives. They will compare and contrast what presenters and viewers want and need, then use that knowledge to start preparing your presentation.

Selecting the Best Platform

Participants will learn how to select a presentation platform that includes in-person or virtual presentations. An efficient way to make the most of a venue, the tools and materials needed, and critical communication skills will be discussed.

Outlines and benchmarks

After that, participants will build a presentation outline. They will go over goal-setting to back up your outline, as well as target-setting to see if your presentation is a success.

Creating an outline for your presentation

After that, participants will put together a presentation, including a narrative and graphics to supplement their description. They will double-check that the draft is in line with their style, takeaways, and platform.

Making improvements to the presentation

Following that, the draft will be checked and refined by other participants and peers. Participants will also have the opportunity to review other presentations and present their presentations. This will allow participants to see the final presentation from both the presenter and the audience.

Make a strategy for success

In the last session, participants will go over the best practices they have learned from their presentations and create a roadmap to help them deliver better presentations in the future.

Workshop Wrap-Up

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and complete a plan of action after the workshop.

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