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Addison Solutions Academy is a premier training provider of cost-effective corporate training solutions. The academy strives to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to develop and accomplish their personal and organizational missions with high-quality interactive and engaging training methods. Our organization specializes in a collection of virtual workshops that provide professional development opportunities to businesses and individuals. This type of training allows employees to engage in training virtually anywhere there is an internet connection. It also helps with organizational training budgets as there is no travel cost.

Through the available professional development opportunities provided by our academy, organizations and individuals will have an opportunity to improve both individual and organizational productivity. Anyone can register for our interactive, virtual workshops led by an expert in the field, who will provide training to a team or individuals looking to enhance their knowledge, skills, abilities. We strive to ensure every participant can learn and develop practical knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve their organization and set themselves up for continuous growth and success within their careers.

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Our Training Services

Scheduled Virtual Training

Virtual Professional Development Opportunities

Engaging in virtual learning opportunities will help you to enhance your skills in your personal and professional life. We provide high-quality learning options for individuals seeking to further enhance their skill set and gain the knowledge they need to increase their work performance.

Each year we offer atleast 10 scheduled workshops. These workshops include Positive Leadership, Leading Focus Groups, Introduction to Presentation Skills, Employee Engagement, Succession Planning, and much more!

Group Training

Engage in Employee Development

Employees are one of the most critical assets of any organization. Their productivity and motivation should be of utmost importance. It should be an organization's goal to enhance and refine employees' skills. Employee development comes with several benefits. Motivation and productivity levels skyrocket, and profit margins increase. This type of development will reduce employee turnover and attract more employees.

With our seamless registration process, business leaders, human resource professionals, and training professionals can easily request group training.

The Academy offers over 50 different workshop topics to include but is not limited to: